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We provide service for all locations on Kauaʻi with taxis stationed in Princeville, Hanalei, Līhuʻe, Pōʻipu, Kapaʻa, and Anahola.


Sue's Taxi has a large fleet of brand new SUVs and vans. Our vehicles can carry up to seven passengers.

Rates and Fees

County of Kauaʻi TAXICAB ORDINANCE rate card
Ordinance No. 814

Effective September 1, 2015
Sec. 23-1.7 Rates Of Fare And Baggage Charge.
(a)  Rates of fare within the County of Kaua`i. Unless otherwise provided herein, no driver or owner of a taxicab while operating the taxicab within the County of Kaua`i shall charge, demand, collect or receive a fare other than that based on the following schedule:
(1)  Rate 1.   Initial meter actuation shall equal Three Dollars ($3.50) and shall entitle the passenger to one-tenth (1/10) mile or less, or forty-five seconds standing time or less ... $3.50
(2)  Thereafter, for each one-tenth (1/10) mile additional, or less ... $0.35
(3)  For each forty-five (45) seconds of additional waiting time or less ... $0.35
(4)  Charge for each piece of baggage other than wheelchairs, bicycles and surf boards, handled by the driver in loading, unloading or both ... $1.00
(5)  Charge for each surfboard, bicycle, baggage, freight or parcel too large to be carried within the rear passenger compartment or trunk of the taxicab ... $5.00
(6)  Rate 2.  Initial meter actuation shall equal $120.00 and shall entitle the passenger to two (2) hours or less of touring or chartered time. A minimum two (2) hours of touring or chartered time is required ... $120.00
(7)  Thereafter, for each fifteen (15) minutes of touring or chartered time or less ... $15.00
(8)  Discount. A driver, owner, or lessee who owns, operates, controls or dispatches a taxicab may give a discount to persons with a disability, senior citizens, or students, as defined in Sec. 23-12 Such discount shall be twenty percent (20%) of the metered fare ... 20%

Nothing contained in this Subsection shall be construed to permit charging mileage or waiting time rates of fare which are greater or less than or different from those established and fixed by the schedule.

(b) Whenever, pursuant to request, it is necessary for a taxicab to leave its designated service area to pick up a passenger whose pickup and drop off is outside or beyond the designated service area, the distance between the designated service area and the point of pickup may be added to the actual distance transported, otherwise, the distance between the designated service area and the point of pickup shall not be added to the distance over which the passenger is actually transported when computing the total amount of fare which may be charged under this Section, nor shall the distance a taxicab must travel in order to return to the designated service area after discharging a passenger be included in the mileage for which any fare may be charged.

(c) The foregoing rates or charges shall be subject to the following exception and condition:

Fares are only applicable to the use of taxicabs when actually occupied by or standing at the direction of the passenger for hire or when occupied by parcels, baggage or property transported for hire; provided that no other charges shall be made for the use of a taxicab for hire except as provided herein.